09-22-16_5:36:04 PM.pngWell it feels like ages since I did an update.  Gaia’s fault for living so long and not allowing me to finish the last chapter.  More on her in a bit, she has earned an exceptional amount of points.  This is Oceanus on his teenage birthday.  The second of Rheas children, he rolled for the social aspiration to begin with, but managed to get three out of the four childhood aspirations completed.   He is a creative artlover with an aspiration to be friend of the world.  So he is probably going to spend his teenage years admiring himself in a mirror, before getting the other half of the art career complete.09-25-16_6:10:43 PM.pngRhea is also spending some time in front of the mirror to get her charisma up for her job.  She is also trying to max handiness whilst getting some of those important upgrades done.  Unfortuantley “Have a child complete as aspiration” did not complete….09-29-16_5:52:10 PM.pngDespite Phoebe staying up all night to complete the mental aspiration.  Ironically Phoebe and Oceanus completed 3 childhood aspirtations including social, whist Tethys only got 2 done exluding social.10-13-16_7:14:49 PM.pngCronus chose to do the writing aspiration after he completed computer whiz.  This was a bit of a mistake, getting writing to level 10 is easy.  Getting those excellent and bestselling books out is a lot harder, even with the marketable and creative visionary traits.10-13-16_9:02:54 PM.pngHyperion is also spending some time developing his charisma.  He has managed to complete both parts of the culinary aspiration (thanks to Magpie for pointing out that this was possible with just the one career).  He is now going to get the athletic aspiration completed before he turns elder.  I should have seleced mansion baron first as that is now a free aspiration for any household member who completes an aspiration.  He has also put on a little bit of weight, so I am also going to try and fatten him up to get that point as well.10-17-16_7:47:46 PM.pngRogelio is also getting on a bit, he is still working though the fabously wealthy aspiration, which I suppose he is, but because he has not earnt the money it does not count, so he tends to spend his time on the easel (when he is not annoying townies to enhance his career)10-17-16_9:39:55 PM.pngSo, anyway, the star of this particular show is Gaia, who is still going str0ng, despite that fact that her grandchildren are almost adults now.  She is currently working on her 7th Aspiration, if she manages to grow a cowplant before she dies that will be 7 completed. (Athletic, Artist, the 2 Fortune Aspirations, Nerdbrain and Soulemate are her others) She has maxed 6 skills ( Cooking, Fitness, Gardening, Logic, Painting and Rocket Science)  and she has single handedly managed to get us a decent efficent legacy garden.  9 Plants that grow 28 different varietys of fruit!10-20-16_9:20:03 PM.pngThe only person I have not yet talked about is Tethys.  She rolled for the writing aspiration as is spending her teenage years at school, working in retail or writing, so there is not much really to say on her.  On that note I will end here.  Join us next time for fun and larks.