09-05-16_9:48:01 PM.pngGaia was the only person in the household who was upset at Zion’s passing.    The only one in the household who went out daily to his tombstone to pay tribute to the co-founder of her legacy.09-06-16_10:48:23 PM.pngHyperion tried his best to console her, to try and bring joy to his aging mother, for whom it seemed all the joy in the world had simply dried up.  He told her about her grandchildren, who were aging up.09-07-16_8:15:22 PM.pngAbout Tethys, and her love of drawing and music.    Much like Rhea, Cronus and Hyperion had, all those years ago when they were still living amongst the grass and the flowers, every night spent beneath the open sky.  09-07-16_8:37:00 PM.pngHe told her about her new grandchild, Oceanus and how that was filling the house with new life and new joy.  Gaia smiled at Hyperion, stoked his cheek.  Appreciated his comments, but she wanted her Zion with her.  She wanted him to see, to hold his grandchildren and watch them grow up.  09-08-16_9:03:53 PM.pngYears past, and as Gaia’s children and grandchildren aged and florished, each respectively excelling in their chosen careers, or at school Gaia felt increasly distant from her family.  She wished she could escape the earth, for now it bought her no joy.  09-15-16_9:32:12 PM.pngShe drempt of escape,  of just climbing into a rocket, and shooting off towards the stars, to where she imagined her Zion was waiting for her.