11-06-16_6:11:22 PM.pngMeanwhile, Hyperion was cooking heart shaped cookies for his date.  We are going to have to get rid of the generation 2 kids at some point to make way for generation 4, so Hyperion and Cronus will be leaving us.  Probably by dying.11-06-16_7:43:03 PM.pngAfter Hyperion was finished with his date, Phoebe had a go with hers.  Reece Yoon was Phoebe’s childhood sweetheart, so they are about the same age.  He is creative, lazy family oriented with an aspiration of being a serial romantic, so expect some serious betraying going on later.11-06-16_9:16:58 PM.pngPhoebe and Reece had an official wedding ceremony, the first so far in this legacy.  Just need the golden house party now to complete that particular collection.11-08-16_10:59:26 PM.pngTethys finished her writing aspiration.  After getting the mansion baron aspiration completed she went for bodybuilder aspiration.  By mistake I changed Rhea aspiration, so I’m not going to spend any LTH from Rhea’s pool until she finishes her family aspiration.11-12-16_4:31:48 PM.pngFirst generation four baby.  Iapetus.  We are going to have to get rid of Cronus and Hyperion so we can fit more babies in.  I’ve been thinking about killing them, so that I can get the ghost collection under away.11-12-16_6:04:00 PM.pngShe also completed the soulmates aspiration (although Gaia has already completed this so it does not add to our collection)    As Reece has the other romantic aspiration, I think he would be well suited as a diamond agent, so it makes sense to me to put Phobe in the other branch.  11-12-16_7:14:00 PM.pngI’m guessing Tethys choosing the authour branch counts for maxing a career, as I noticed that box was checked on her birthday.  As both Tethys and Phobe have completed adult aspirations and all three of Rhea children have completed at least two childhood aspirations I feel no guilt at using the complete current milestone cheat.  During her retirement I thought she would like to complete the painting aspiration, as she is a level 10 painter!11-13-16_11:10:48 AM.pngReece was being a bit cheeky with various other household members.  Hyperion and Cronus both got a decent first kiss buff.  11-13-16_4:13:14 PM.pngIapetus became a child.  He rolled loner social butterfly.  How irratating.  11-13-16_9:13:37 PM.pngOceanus completed his popularity aspiration by chatting incessitanlty into a mirror.  Then we played the game for ages and nothing much happend, the next piece of news I have is that Oceanus completed the body builder aspiration.  I suppose that is worth a pic.  11-27-16_9:55:37 PM.pngOnce we were done with the ogling, Oceanus put some clothes back on and gave some thought about what he wanted to do next with his life.  12-05-16_6:50:26 PM.pngAfter trawling through both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs Iapetus discovered that there were only about three elders left living in the town, so we repopulated by creating a couple of families consising of one adult and seven kids.  It did not take long for Iapetus to complete his social aspiration after that.  12-06-16_10:56:11 PM.pngI did not have the heart to kill Hyperion, the only other way to get rid of sims is to go to edit world and edit households, so in my head he has now retired to willow creek retirement home.  12-11-16_2:59:12 PM.pngCronus, on the other hand did not please me so much.  He has spent most of his senior years trying to complete the writing aspiration, and he has not managed to complete any masterpieces.  I don’t know why this is, but I had him go swimming whilst he was exhasted.   No grim reaper or camera zoom too.  All I noticed is that he vanished from my UI, and when I checked the swimming pool it now had a gravestone.  So he has either died from exhastion or drowning, but I’m not sure which.