Enter the world generation 4

Being a bit thick with toilets Oceanus spent far to long on the woodworking table before he realized he could just buy a cheap toilet, upgrade that and then sell it again to complete that part of the handiness aspiration.

12-11-16_9:07:18 PM.pngRhea finally completed the space print collection, this is our first collection fully completed and generation four are out and about.  The legacy challenge is proving a little more challenging than I originally anticipated.  12-11-16_9:27:43 PM.pngI mean, generation 3 are now going middle aged.  I’m not really fussed about aspirations, I don’t think we will struggle to achive them all (although some do take a lot of work, they are not really hard)  What I am more concerned about is completing all the careers.  We have four careers collected so far (the two painting ones, mixology and computing)  so there are 16 more careers to collect.  Generation 3 should get us the two secret agent careers, as well as body builder and writing one bringing us to 8 careers done so 12 left for generations 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 (the legacy ends at the birth of the tenth generation).  Now that I have done the maths, I feel a lot less concerned.12-15-16_7:25:24 PM.pngWelcome to the world Iapetus Titan.  Firstborn of generation 412-21-16_10:34:12 PM.pngI do have to appluad Reece’s hard work on his romantic aspiration.  It’s one of those annoying social 0nes (serial romantic)  Here in the background you can see him getting together as boyfriend and girlfriend of some random sim whilst his wife was in the room and pregnent with his second child – and he got away with it.  The only person who has been hurt by Reece romantic endeavoures is Rhea, and that because he was snogging Oceanus right in front of her.  12-23-16_3:52:02 PM.pngThis is acutally the third child.  For whatever reason I did not take a picture of Themis as a baby, so rest assured that she exists and is working her way though childhood aspirations.  anyway, welcome to the world Coeus Titan.12-23-16_12:48:53 PM.pngThe beguiling reward trait is interesting.  It can only be used once a day, which would have been nice if it told us that on the description.  But it does put the victim into a very flirty mood, which means they are then very easy to seduce.  12-24-16_1:58:42 PM.pngIapetus rolled the angling aspiration on his teenage birthday.  I don’t think this is going to be hard, and it’s an aspiration we have not completed yet.01-11-17_9:27:06 PM.pngPhoebe joined the evil side of the  secret agent career.  This means that Reece can join the diamond agent branch and flirt with all the adult household members who is currently in a relationship with.  01-12-17_9:26:32 PM.png