10-22-16_61502-pmAfter a long and industrius life Gaia finally passed away.  She maxed out six skills and completed six aspirations within her lifetime.  She also started the legacy garden and upgraded lots of toilets.  RIP Gaia.10-22-16_64121-pmI don’t know how I feel about everyone else in the house ignoring Gaia’s death.  Hyperion put on some weight, made some Baked Alaska, and then hit the gym.  For those of you who don’t know why check out the scoring section here.  10-22-16_62034-pmRhea has also put on a bit of weight, but thats purely accidental.  She is still spending her time in front of a mirror, taking over the garden, and using the observatory.10-25-16_3:13:10 PM.pngOceanus rolled Ambitious on his Birthday.  He did not go out and get a job stright away, instead his plan is to make twenty friends first, and then get a job in something sporty, probably 10-29-16_3:11:08 PM.pngRogelio completed his money making aspiration at about the same time Oceanus got his twentieth friend.  So whilst Oceanus was doing  some basic gym work to help him got started in the athletic career, Rogelio looked for the biggest meanest sim that was currently in the house.10-29-16_4:15:14 PM.pngHe is now the declared nemesis of Hyperion, and has had five fights with him.  (He lost them all unsurprisigly)  He needed to get to level four of the criminal career, and as he was currently a level seven boss, I felt no guilt at using the complete current milestone cheat.  After getting Oceanus to lure some people who Rogelio disliked, and fighting with those guys too, Rogelio soon had 3 declared nemesis.  So next on his todo list is to witness the death of a sim (and he is the currently oldest person on the lot) and get his career to level 8.10-29-16_4:42:28 PM.pngAs there was a space in the house, Oceanus invited Elliot Street over to come and live with the family.  Elliot was one of Rogelio’s enemys by the way.  10-29-16_5:51:19 PM.pngAs he was elder, first thing we had him do was hit the gym.  This gave him the dangerously tired mood, but had little other effect.  So he spent the next few days taking naps in the living room, watching the cooking channel, and slowly starving to death.11-06-16_3:41:07 PM.pngPhoebe rolled loner on her Birthday.  We had a golden birthday, but my record keeping for parties is pretty poor.  By my count I have had 14 gold events and one bronze event, but I am using reward objects in the household inventory to keep track.  I still need to host a golden house party and a golden wedding.  11-06-16_5:21:26 PM.pngRogelio got a +3 happy Enemy’s demise moodlet from watching Elliot expire.  Rather annoyingly he had to miss a day of work in order to be around to witness the event, and then the next day… , well, find out next time, when I place Phoebe in charge and give a group of chapter their own little subtitle.