The Legacy Mansion

108-31-16_3:46:59 PM.pngCronus rolled Computer Whiz Slob on his Birthday.  He got himself a job as a manual labourer.  I was very impressed to see his nose, good to see that Gaia’s unique genetics have been passed down.08-31-16_10:30:53 PM.pngHyperion also got the the nose, as well as the hates children trait and a master mixologist aspiration.  It would be nice to bring a spouse into the house who has master chef as an aspiration, so we can claim the points for doing both of those aspirations in a single generation.  That would require a bit of luck.  Neither Cronus (who is going to follow his fathers footsteps and take up a career in computing) nor Rhea (who can’t complete her aspiration until she has had a child max a career) are suitable candidates.  Speaking of the father, Zion is getting on a bit, and we have been alerted that he is going to die soon.  He is only at level 7 in the computer career, so it looks like Cronus is going to have to do the start up entrepreneur, so we can get that lovely big telly.09-01-16_4:42:45 PM.pngHaving three budding authors for children, as well as the now considerable incomes that Gaia and Zion were bringing in the family were now able to make a start at boxing up the various belongings strewn around the lawn.09-03-16_3:22:53 PM.pngWe got most of the rooms designed before we made a start on the legacy mansion proper09-03-16_5:57:03 PM.pngRhea rolled active for her adult trait.  I had intended her to get a career in business, but with that roll it might be more appropriate to have a more active career.  But then she is never going to get the bodybuilding aspiration completed before she turns elder.  She cannot change aspiration until she has had a child max a career.    Thinking about it Business would have been a very bad move for her, charisma is not going to sync well with her loner trait.  Before she gets a job though she needs to get impregnated.  09-03-16_6:17:40 PM.pngRogelio was young and single, so we spent a bit of time befriending him, only to discover he was mean, and not the easiest sim in the world to befriend.  After a few hours of pestering he eventually agreed to move in.  Rogolio is mean, childish, gluttonous with an aspiration to be fabulously wealthy.  He is halfway through his young adult bar, so he needs to get a shift on with it.  He was also a level 1 entertainer, so he quit that job and concentrated on the immediate task of impregnation.  That took one date and two woo hoo’s, 09-03-16_6:43:14 PM.pngThat’s cute, we have not completed our potion collection yet, but I had not noticed the various symbols that appear above each potion.    Rhea got job as a Painter, she can get the patron of the arts half of this career.  Rogelio got a job as a criminal.  He will experiment with his mean trait and mean interactions.  09-03-16_8:18:00 PM.pngThe legacy mansion is beginning to take a bit of shape now. It’s costing us quite a bit to build though, and there are many empty spaces inside.  I think as we play through the legacy there is going to be a room for each career, as well as several other room, bedrooms living rooms etc.  09-03-16_9:46:03 PM.pngZion is doing well.  His age bar has been glowing now for a couple of days.  He needs two more promotions at work, and another 4 masterpieces completed for him to complete his career and aspiration goals, so it’s still unlikely but it’s always good to have a goal in mind.  The next day he had the four masterpieces completed.  Well done Zion.   His new aspiration is nerd brain, but I’m really not holding my breath.09-04-16_5:36:47 PM.pngGaia completed the bodybuilder aspiration.  She then went of to make herself a birthday cake before also making a start on Nerd Brain.  She should complete it though, which is going to be very handy for instantly upgrading stuff without upgrade parts.  She was up all night on the exercise machine making sure she had that aspiration completed in time.  09-04-16_5:51:16 PM.pngRhea has not been as large as some of the other pregnant sims that I have seen in my time.  Also of note is her feelings for Rigolio, and more importantly his feelings for her.  her green bar is about 1/3 full for him and her pink bar is full, his green bar is a little in the red, whilst his pink is full.  She gave birth to a girl, whom she named Tethys.  09-04-16_8:54:07 PM.pngCronus rolled clumsy as his adult trait.  He gets himself a job in computing.  09-04-16_10:17:37 PM.pngGaia is a level 9 cook, and has started being silly with very sharp knives.  Quite impressive really as she only cooks the family meals.  Most other members of the family are at about level 4 or 5 in cooking as they can’t fulfil their fun meters using woohoo, so are forced to watch the cooking channel instead.  09-05-16_6:55:47 PM.pngAnother one of Gaia hobbies… building spaceship, whist she was doing this however the household was struck by its first tragedy.



  1. Gaia had a career as an artist, which I did not want her to give up. However Hyperion has a master mixologist aspiration, so I will see if he can also do the culinary part as well.


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