08-29-16_11:03:48 AM.pngGaia completed her aspiration of painter extraordinaire.  Zion has to grind a few more hours on the computer before his aspiration completes, so she decided to go for Soulmate as her next goal.  She would wait for Zion to get his aspiration completed first however.  That final masterpiece went for a fair whack to.  The family were able to replace the one cheap bathroom with two highest quality bathrooms.  08-29-16_1:14:36 PM.pngShe decided to make a start on the legacy garden whilst waiting.  She also bought an exercise machine.  She was pretty confident that she could get soulmate and bodybuilder aspirations completed before she became an elder, as long as she made a start of her fitness now.08-29-16_4:24:20 PM.pngThe kids meanwhile are doing very well.  Here Rhea as just completed her second Aspiration.  I’m hoping I can get all three kids to complete three apirations before they become teenager, it’s that social one that sometimes holds me back.08-30-16_9:29:51 AM.pngTime is passing, and Zion became an elder.  He managed to get hold of the never weary lifetime reward, which freed up a lot of time.  He decided to take up painting as Gaia does not have this reward so Zion can not zip though that particular aspiration as quick as he might.  08-30-16_9:49:45 AM.pngRhea rolled for an art loving successful lineage on her birthday.  She got a job as a babysitter and started writing books.  This should provide the legacy with a steady income over the coming years.  She  spent her childhood happiness points on never weary08-30-16_11:38:57 AM.pngOver a long weekend where both Zion and Gaia had two days of in a row, they decided to grind out the dates necessary to get soulmate aspiration completed, along with the friendly and romantic interactions that are also necesssary to complete this aspiration.  The wedding ceremony was remarkably unimpressive.  The family will do proper weddings later on when they are not living on the lawn.  08-30-16_1:47:01 PM.pngThe dating really was a bit of a grind.  Eventually Gaia and Zion got there, still this does give us an extra 21 party points, as well as two aspirations completed, and some social interactions that completely restore social need and give a serious happiness buff.  08-30-16_3:45:25 PM.pngAfterwards Gaia switched Bodybuilder Aspiration, whilst Zion went to Painter Extraordinaire.  He might as well get some money in and paint Gaia’s portrait whilst he is at it.

Score:  10


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