The Obligatory Opening Bits Part 2

08-28-16_1:27:35 PMSomething was definitely up with Gaia.  She could not keep her breakfast down.  08-28-16_1:42:44 PM.pngZion tried to comfort her by spending the entirety of the household funds on a massive telly.  08-28-16_1:53:29 PM.pngIt was whilst they were extinquishing breakfast one morning that Zion suddenly realised what was wrong.  After the catastrophe had been successfully adverted he explained to Gaia what was going on.  “My dear, you are pregnent”  he explained.  Gaia was thrilled with the news, this was part of her ambition.  To have children, and leave a legacy that would remain in Willow Creek for many year to come. 08-28-16_2:44:45 PMSo it was that a few days late Gaia gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which she named Rhea, and it was not long before Rhea was pregnent again.  08-28-16_3:36:19 PM.pngRhea aged into a loner whiz kid.  She spent much of her early childhood reading and playing chess  with her father, who loved her dearly.  08-28-16_4:01:09 PM.pngMeanwhile Gaia’s second child was a boy, named Cronus08-28-16_4:14:35 PM.pngAs with Rhea, Gaia fell pregnent again almost immediatley after Cronus was born.  08-28-16_7:20:53 PM.pngWhen he aged up he rolled as an art loving rambunctious scamp.  08-28-16_8:12:20 PM.pngHyperion was born the next day. He also rolled for rambuntious scamp, but was much more of a loner than Cronus.08-28-16_10:13:06 PM From the Settee that one of Zions work colleagues had kindly donated, Gaia looked at what she had accomplished over the past few weeks.  Her children playing.  Playing chess, reading, games on the computer, or hanging from the money bars or even doing something simple like drawing a picture of learning a instrument.  She felt established, like it was only a matter of time now before her life’s goals were accomplished.  She ideally wondered what the future had to hold.08-29-16_9:07:43 AM.png


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