The Obligatory Opening Bits

08-27-16_5:33:30 PM.pngWelcome to my Titanic Legacy.  Above is Gaia Titan.  She is a creative, art loving perfectionist with an aspiration to become a Painter Extraordinaire.  She is also going to found a Legacy in accordance with Pinster’s rule set which can be found at  Note the Knight of the Octogan table in the background.  In just a moment it is going to be placed in the family inventory where it will live for the duration of the challenge.  About me;  I play the sims quite a bit and would like a challenge that enables me to explore the many different aspects of the sims 4 .  Hopefully I will get a bit further than generation 3 with this particular play through despite my past history.08-27-16_6:27:58 PM.pngSo,  Gaia puts the Knight away, gets her easel out and starts painting – The easiest and quickest way to earn a quick buck in the sims. By the end of the first day she had enough money to buy herself a toilet, and a cheap childs bed.  08-27-16_6:44:32 PM.pngNext priority?  Fridge? Shower?  She actually had enough money for both08-27-16_6:48:14 PM.pngThe joy of lawn living.  Gaia had some cereal and a shower before heading of to work. 08-28-16_10:01:52 AM.pngBefore the week was out Gaia was appraising the artwork at the local gallery,08-28-16_10:04:19 AMas well as the local gentry.  Despite Gaia’s facinination with Pawel’s spectacular hair, he was far to old, and already married.  08-28-16_10:42:01 AM.pngUnfortunatley Gaia was unable to find any younger men around the town.  So she settled on chatting up Zion.  Note that by the end of the first week she had enough funds to build her own outhouse.  Zion was an active artloving loner with an aspiration to be a computer whiz.  He was an gym trainer so came complete with level 10 in fitness skill.  Fitness may be a good choice for his second aspiration, provided he has enough time before becoming elder.08-28-16_12:05:05 PM.pngEven after removing the 20k that Zion came with we still had a few thousand spare.  Not enough to start purcahsing top notch equipment, but enough to get a desk and a computer.08-28-16_12:15:30 PM.pngZion did not accept Gaia’s initial advances, so we had to switch control to Zain and have him be in charge of the initial date.  We did eventually get gold, which unlocks the VIP bucket and makes subsequent dates that much easier.  By the end of the second date however Gaia notcied that she was putting on a lot of weight very quickly.  What could be wrong with her?08-28-16_12:59:43 PM.png


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